March 24-25, 2014

It’s time for access to healthy food.
It’s time to go beyond the Farm Bill.

It’s time for farmers to get fair prices.
It’s time to go beyond the Farm Bill.

It’s time for safe food for everyone.
It’s time to go beyond the Farm Bill.

It’s time to protect natural resources.
It’s time to go beyond the Farm Bill.

It’s time for local control and fair competition.
It’s time to go beyond the Farm Bill.

It’s time for all Americans to make food policy.
It’s time to go beyond the Farm Bill.

It’s time for fair pay for food workers.
It’s time to go beyond the Farm Bill.

Meet a Contributor

Food Economist at Tufts University

What specific issues that fall outside the current Farm Bill should be considered part of food and farm policy?

You are right to ask about policies outside of the Farm Bill. A whole world of food and farm policy happens outside of the Farm Bill. It is true that the Farm Bill is the largest single piece of authorizing legislation in U.S. food policy. The Farm Bill is an "omnibus bill" -- a term that for me generates an amusing image of an overburdened and rickety old city bus belching diesel and puffing with great effort up a long hill. The major titles... Read more


Negotiating oppression: A developed-country approach to agricultural trade

Food insecurity is a lucrative endeavor for U.S. agribusiness corporations. As a matter of course, hunger has taken a backseat to maintaining a dominant trade position when it comes to U.S. trade negotiations and domestic policy. As long as the U.S.

Who’s afraid of COOL?

To truly see the power of agribusiness, and its growing disconnect from regular people and farmers, look no further than the current dust-up over Country of Origin Labeling (COOL).

Introducing Beyond the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill was designed to reign in price volatility, manage supply and protect nature while providing vital nutrition programs for the country’s poor. Instead, it’s been ravaged by constant corporate assault and a Congress too emboldened with industry money to stand up for our best interests.

Food democracy: Rule of the people or corporations?

When it comes to faith in our democracy, this year has raised some eyebrows. In the case of food and agriculture policy, a disturbing fact emerges: Our democracy is increasingly a façade.

A Farm Bill Labor Can Support

Is anyone following the farm bill that’s limping through Congress? We’re not and we doubt that you are, either. In our opinion, the farm bill is pretty much a way to pass buckets of cash on to giant farms that are lucky enough to have powerful friends in Washington.

Free trade versus food democracy

April 17, 2013 – There has been a quiet revolution going around the world, as communities and nations retake control of their food systems. In the U.S., more people are taking a look at processed foods at the supermarket and opting instead for healthier choices, grown locally with fewer pesticides.

Pollinator friendly farming is possible

On March 22, Mr Bart Staes, MEP for the Greens, organised the conference: ”Pollinator friendly farming is possible” in collaboration with the European Beekeeping Coordination and PAN Europe.

Climate change meets resilience: Real farmers solving real climate problems with sustainable solutions

Climate change meets resilience Building stability through biodiversity